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Publications- By date

Manuscripts Published in Peer-Reviewed Journals


1. Walter, N., Cody, M. J., Xu, L. Z., & Murphy, S. T. (2018). A Priest, a Rabbi, and a Minister walk into a bar: A meta-analysis of humor effects. Human Communication Research.


2. Walter, N., & Murphy, S. T. (2018). How to unring the bell: A meta-analytic approach to correction of misinformation. Communication Monographs.

3. Walter, N., Cody, M. J., Ball-Rokeach, S. J. (2018). The ebb and flow of communication research: Seven decades of publication trends and research priorities. Journal of Communication, 68, 424-440.

4. Walter, N., Demetriades, S. Z., Murphy, S. T. (2017). Just a spoonful of sugar helps the messages go down: Using stories and vicarious self-affirmation to reduce e-cigarette use. Health Communication. 1-9.

5. Walter, N., Robbins, C., Murphy, S. T., & Ball-Rokeach, S. J. (2017). The weight of social networks: Can ethnic media mitigate the effect of social isolation on obesity among Latinas? Ethnicity & Health. 1-14.

6. Walter, N., Murphy, S. T., Frank, L. B.,& Baezconde-Garbanati, L. (2017). Who cares what others think? The role of Latinas’ acculturation in the processing of HPV vaccination narrative messages. International Journal of Communication, 11, 4946-4964.

7. Walter, N., Billard, T. J., Murphy, S. T. (2017). On the boundaries of framing terror: Guilt, victimization, and the 2016 Orlando shooting. Mass Communication & Society, 20, 849-868.

8. Walter, N., Murphy, S. T., & Gillig, T. K. (2017). To walk a mile in someone else’s shoes: How narratives can change causal attribution through story exploration and character customization. Human Communication Research, 44, 31-57.

9. Walter, N., Murphy, S. T., Frank, L. B.,& Ball-Rokeach, S. J. (2017). The power of brokerage: The case study of normative behavior, Latinas, and cervical cancer. Communication Research.

10. Walter, N., Murphy, S. T., Frank, L., & Baezconde-Garbanati, L. (2017). Each medium tells a different story: The effect of message channel on narrative persuasion. Communication Research Reports, 34, 161-170.

11. Gesser-Edelsburg, A., Walter, N., Shir-Raz, Y., Bar-Lev, O. S., & Rosenblat, S. (2017). The behind-the-scenes activity of parental decision-making discourse regarding childhood vaccination. American Journal of Infection Control, 45, 267-271.

12. Demetriades, S. Z., & Walter, N. (2016). You should know better: Can self-affirmation facilitate health literacy through information seeking and interpersonal discussion. Journal of Health Communication, 21, 1131-1140.

13. Walter, N., Demetriades, S. Z.,& Murphy, S. T. (2017). Involved, united, and efficacious: Could self-affirmation be the solution to California’s drought? Health Communication, 32, 1161-1170.

14. Walter, N., Demetriades, S. Z., Kelly, R.,& Gillig, T. (2016). Je suis Charlie? The framing of ingroup transgression and the attribution of responsibility for the Charlie Hebdo attack. International Journal of Communication, 10, 3956-3974.

15. Walter, N. (2016). Two (un)related spheres? Understanding administrative and critical research in health communication. Journal of Information Policy, 6, 13-40.

16. Gesser-Edelsburg, A., Walter, N., & Shir-Raz, Y. (2016). The “new public” and the “good ol’ press”: Evaluating outline news sources during the 2013 polio outbreak in Israel. Health Communication, 32, 169-179.

17. Walter, N., & Tsfati, Y. (2016). Interactive experience and identification as predictors of attribution of responsibility in video games. Journal of Media Psychology.

18. Gesser-Edelsburg, A., Walter, N., Shir-Raz, Y.,& Green, M. S. (2015). Voluntary or mandatory? The valence framing effect of attitudes regarding HPV vaccination. Journal of Health Communication, 20, 1287-1293.

19. Gesser-Edelsburg, A., Shir-Raz, Y., Walter, N., Mordini, E., Dimitriou, D., James, J. J.,& Green, M. S. (2015). The public sphere in emerging infectious disease communication: Recipient or active and vocal partner? Disaster Medicine and Public Health Preparedness, 9, 447-458.

20. Gesser-Edelsburg, A., Walter, N.,& Green, M. S. (2014). Health care workers – part of the system or part of the public? Ambivalent risk perception in health care workers. American Journal of Infection Control, 42, 829-833.

Book Chapters

1. Tsfati, Y., & Walter, N. (in press). Credibility. In Vos, T. P., & Hanusch, H. (Eds.) The international encyclopedia of journalism studies. Wiley Blackwell.


2. Tsfati, Y., & Walter, N. (2017). Entertainment effects: Political outcomes. In Rössler, P. (Ed.)  The international encyclopedia of media effects. Wiley Blackwell.






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